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audit_ctx type

The context for performing audit operations in bxl. The functions offered on this ctx are the same behaviour as the audit functions available within audit command.


def audit_ctx.cell(
aliases_to_resolve: list[str] | tuple[str, ...] = [],
aliases: bool = False
) -> dict[str, str]

Query information about the [cells] list in .buckconfig.

Takes the following parameters:

  • aliases_to_resolve - list of cell aliases to query. These aliases will be resolved in the root cell of the BXL script.
  • optional aliases flag - if enabled, and no explicit aliases are passed, will query for all aliases in the root cell of the BXL script.

Returns a dict of cell name to absolute path mappings.

Sample usage:

def _impl_audit_cell(ctx):
result = ctx.audit().cell(aliases = True)


def audit_ctx.output(
output_path: str,
target_platform: None | str | target_label = _

Returns either: - The action which created the buck-out path, if exists. - The unconfigured_target_label constructed from the buck-out path, if the configuration hashes do not match. - None, if the configuration hash of the buck-out path matches the one passed into this function, or the default target configuration, but no action could be found that generated the buck-out path.

Takes in an optional target platform, otherwise will use the default target platform.

Sample usage:

def _impl_audit_output(ctx):
target_platform = "foo"
result = ctx.audit().output("buck-out/v2/gen/fbcode/some_cfg_hash/path/to/__target__/artifact", target_platform)