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These are the flags/commands under buck2 completion and their --help output:

buck completion

Print completion configuration for shell

For a one-time setup, run one of the following commands:
source <(buck2 completion bash)
source <(buck2 completion zsh)

Usage: buck2-release completion [OPTIONS] <SHELL>

shell for which to generate completion script

[possible values: bash, zsh]

-h, --help
Print help (see a summary with '-h')

Universal Options:
-v, --verbose <VERBOSITY>
How verbose buck should be while logging.

Values: 0 = Quiet, errors only; 1 = Show status. Default; 2 = more info about errors; 3 =
more info about everything; 4 = more info about everything + stderr;

It can be combined with specific log items (stderr, full_failed_command, commands,
actions, status, stats, success) to fine-tune the verbosity of the log. Example usage

[default: 1]

--oncall <ONCALL>
The oncall executing this command

--client-metadata <CLIENT_METADATA>
Metadata key-value pairs to inject into Buck2's logging. Client metadata must be of the
form `key=value`, where `key` is a snake_case identifier, and will be sent to backend