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cmd_args type

The cmd_args type is created by cmd_args() and is consumed by The type is a mutable collection of strings and artifact values. In general, command lines, artifacts, strings, RunInfo and lists thereof can be added to or used to construct a cmd_args value. All these methods operate mutably on cmd and return that value too.


def cmd_args.add(*args) -> cmd_args

A list of arguments to be added to the command line, which may including cmd_args, artifacts, strings, RunInfo or lists thereof. Note that this operation mutates the input cmd_args.


def cmd_args.copy() -> cmd_args

Returns a copy of the cmd_args such that any modifications to the original or the returned value will not impact each other. Note that this is a shallow copy, so any inner cmd_args can still be modified.


def cmd_args.hidden(*args) -> cmd_args

Things to add to the command line which do not show up but are added as dependencies. The values can be anything normally permissible to pass to add.

Typically used if the command you are running implicitly depends on files that are not passed on the command line, e.g. headers in the case of a C compilation.


cmd_args.inputs: command_line_inputs

Collect all the inputs (including hidden) referenced by this command line. The output can be compared for equality and have its len requested to see whether there are any inputs, but is otherwise mostly opaque.


cmd_args.outputs: list[output_artifact]

Collect all the outputs (including hidden) referenced by this command line.


def cmd_args.relative_to(
directory: artifact | cell_root | project_root,
parent: int = _
) -> cmd_args

Make all artifact paths relative to a given location. Typically used when the command you are running changes directory.

By default, the paths are relative to the artifacts themselves (equivalent to parent = 0). Use parent to make the paths relative to an ancestor directory. For example parent = 1 would make all paths relative to the containing dirs of any artifacts in the cmd_args.

dir = symlinked_dir(...)
script = [
cmd_args(cmd_args(dir, format = "cd {}"),